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We provide working and original Ford radio codes. However, if your code doesn’t work get in touch and we will sort any issues.

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Our main aim is to provide the best possible experience to our users.
We take massive pride in offering our free radio decoding services to the public.

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We are proud to announce that all radio serials starting with “V” & “M” are instant delivery. This means your code will be available instantly.

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We offer free and paid unlock codes, the only difference between the two is delivery time, if you’re not in a hurry you can get your code 100% free!

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If you don’t know your radio model, or would prefer an unlock based on vehicle model, then that’s not a problem, simply select your car/vehicle model below to get your unlock code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shown below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers!

Can I unlock my Ford radio without a code

This is a question that we get asked a lot, however, there is no way to unlock a radio without the security code.

How do I get my radio serial number?

This depends on what model radio you have, for example, a 6000 CD or Sony radio serial can be retrieved by holding down “1” and “6” until the cycle process starts whereas a 4500 RDS E-O-N requires you to hold down “2” and “6” instead.

Other models may require you read the radio label which is usually located in one of 5 locations: left, right, top, bottom or back of the unit. You may also require radio release keys to retrieve the serial using this method, but then again there’s video tutorials available that help you do this without release keys (search YouTube).

Can I get my unlock code free?

Yes, we currently offer free and paid options, the only difference is the free option has a longer delivery time – but if you’re in a rush get in contact and we will help speed things up.

How do I enter my unlock code?

This can vary depending on the radio model, for example if you have a 6000 CD then you will need to:

1. Press the middle button until the word “code” appears.
2. Keep tapping “1” until the first digit of the unlock code is correct.
3. Keep tapping “2” until the second digit of the unlock code is correct.
4. Keep tapping “3” until the third digit of the unlock code is correct.
5. Keep tapping “4” until the fourth digit of the unlock code is correct.
6. Double check the unlock code is correct and then press “5”.

Your radio will be unlocked.

My radio is saying “WAIT”

The WAIT message can appear if you enter a wrong unlock code, when this happens it will take 30 seconds before allowing you to enter a new code.

My radio is saying “LOCKED”

The “LOCKED” message can appear on a radio, that has had too many failed unlock attempts, don’t panic though because there may be a way to reset the lock:

1. Turn your radio off.
2. Hold down “6” and turn the radio back on.
3. Keep hold of “6” for a further 10 seconds.

If the above steps do not work and your unit reads “LOCKED 13” then you may have a permanently locked unit, this usually mean’s a visit to the dealership or a new radio.

How many times can I use my unlock code?

There’s no limit and the unlock code will not change, unless you change radio units, this is also why we email unlock codes to our users (so you can find and use it again in future).

Can I get my radio code from registration number?

No, unfortunately this isn’t currently an option, however you can get the unlock code by vehicle or radio model, for example Ford Fiesta or 6000 CD.

If this FAQ section does not answer your question, then please contact us.