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Ford Transit

You can get your Ford Transit radio activation code in seconds, just enter your radio serial on this page. Finding your radio unit’s serial is simple, click here for further help finding your serial.

We support all transit models, including:

Connect Custom Courier Range Tourneo TDCI Chassis Cab 300 350

Unblock Your Van Radio

Provide Serial

Provide your serial so we can calculate your unlock code (how to find your serial).

Calculate Code

Type your serial in the box above, then click “Get Unlock Code” to start the decode.

Unlock Radio

Enter provided unlock code and enjoy the music! (Entry instructions provided with every decode).

Common Ford Transit Radio Model’s

We offer unlocks for all Transit radio models, but here are some of the most commonly found models in Ford Transit vans that we can unlock.

6000 CD

We offer instant unlocks for the 6000 CD model, just provide the radio serial at the top of this page.

Finding your serial is simple, press and hold the 1 and 6 buttons together until the screen cycle process begins, during the cycle you will see your serial appear, the serial should begin with V followed by 6 digits, for example, V111222.

From time to time, you may see a prefix before your serial, for example: FDMCA1CV111222 – if this happens, just enter everything after V, ignoring all characters before V.

Unlock 6000 CD

6000 CD RDS E-O-N

The Ford Transit 6000 CD RDS E-O-N radio unit can be instantly unlocked from serial code, just enter the M serial above to start the decode.

To get the serial of this radio unit, you will have to use radio release keys to pop the unit out of the dashboard slightly. there are plenty of YouTube video’s which show you how to do this with or without release keys.

Once partially removed, you can obtain the radio serial from the label, the serial begins with M then has 6 number after it, e.g. M123789.

Get Unlock Code


The Ford Transit 4000RDS radio can be instantly unlocked by entering the unit’s “M” serial on the top of this page.

To get your M serial, you may need to partly remove the unit to find the radio label, the radio label will have your 7-digit serial, 4000RDS model serials generally begin with M and then have 6 numbers after M, for example: M123456.

Recover Unlock Pin

All Ford Transit Radios

If your Transit radio model isn’t listed above, don’t panic, we can recover the unlock code for all Ford Transit radios by serial.

No matter the model, you can find the serial code by partly removing the radio unit from the center console and locating the radios label. If you’re in doubt then contact us and we will do our best to further assist you.

Once you have found your radio serial, enter it in the box at the top of this page and click “Get Unlock Code > >” to start your free or instant decode.

Get Radio Code

How To Enter Ford Transit Unlock Code

Entering your Ford Transit radio activation code isn’t that difficult, follow the easy steps below to get your music back on!

Switch on your radio unit and wait for CODE to appear, if code doesn’t appear click the main button in the center until it does.

  1. Tap number 1 until the first digit of your activation code is correct.
  2. Tap number 2 until the second digit of your activation code is correct.
  3. Tap number 3 until the third digit of your activation code is correct.
  4. Tap number 4 until the fourth digit of your activation code is correct.

Double check your activation code is right, then click number 5 to store and activate your radio unit!

Code Entry Highlight


Can I get my Ford Transit Radio code free?

Yes, we offer free Transit radio codes, our free option takes around 12-24 hours and we deliver the unlock code for free via email. We also offer a fast track option which is instant, on screen delivery for £4.99.

Can I unlock my Transit radio without a code?

No, there’s isn’t currently a way to unlock your transit radio unit without the code.

My Ford transit radio code is not working?

This can happen if the radio unit has been swapped and is no longer the original unit, but don’t panic, we can help you recover your activation code.

My radio unit says “LOCKED”

If you read the word “LOCKED” on your radio display then this means you have entered the code wrong 10 times, you can reset it one last time before getting 3 more attempts but, be warned after your last 3 attempts the unit will be permanently locked. To reset, press down on number 6 for 10 seconds.

My radio unit says “WAIT”

If you see the “WAIT” message appear on screen then you have entered a wrong unlock code, give your radio 30 seconds and you’ll be allowed another go at entering your code.

My radio unit says “LOCKED 13”

If your radio screen reads “LOCKED 13” then it means you unit is permanently locked after 13 failed code entry attempts. When this happens there’s 2 options, first being go to the dealership and the second option is to buy a new radio unit.