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Ford Focus

Get your Ford Focus radio unlock code by providing your 7-digit radio serial number starting with V or M. We provide further instructions on how to get your radio serial on this page or by clicking “serial number” above.

All Ford Focus models supported, including:

MK1 MK2 Titanium Zetec S SE SEL C-Max S-Max ST RS

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Get your music back on in less than a few minutes, following our 3 simple steps.

Serial Code V654321

Locate Serial

We decode your serial and provide your Focus unlock code in seconds, help finding your serial.

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Once you have your serial to hand, enter it above and click the “Get Unlock” button, Nearly done..

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Input your unlock code to get the radio back on! No more white noise on your journeys.

6000 CD (2008 > 2012)

6000 CD Radio 2008 > 2012

6000 CD radio activation codes for your Focus can be delivered instantly, just be sure to select the instant option.

There are two ways to obtain the serial code for this unit, the first way is by holding down 1 and 6 at the same time until the cycle process starts, you will then see the serial at some point in the cycle process, alternatively, you can partly remove the radio and find the serial on the label. Serials for this unit start with V followed by 6 digits, e.g., V123456.

Unlock 6000 CD Radio

6000 CD (2004 > 2007)

6000 CD (2004>2007)

Just like the 2008 to 2012 models, the 2004 to 2007 models of the 6000 CD can also be instantly unlocked from serial.

To find your serial, turn on the radio, then press and hold the 1 and 6 buttons together at the same time until the cycle process begins, the serial appears at some point in the cycle process, the serial begins with V followed by 6 digits, e.g., V654321.

In some cases, your unit could probably show a prefix before the serial, e.g., FDMCA2CV009323, when this happen ignore everything before V when entering your serial.

Calculate Unlock Code

6000 CD RDS E-O-N (1998 > 2004)

6000 CD RDS E-O-N

We offer instant unlock codes for the Ford Focus RDS E-O-N radio unit, just provide your M serial at the top of this page.

To find your serial, you will need to partially remove your radio unit and locate the radio label which has the serial code. The serial starts with M followed by 6 digits, e.g., M654321.

There are useful video tutorials on removing the RDS E-O-N with radio release keys and without radio release keys.

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Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX Navigation

Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX Navigation

We can recover your Focus S/C-max FX Navigation PIN using your 12-digit serial.

To get your 12 to 14-digit radio serial, partly remove your radio and locate the label with the 12 to 14-digit code starting BP or C7. Enter your code at the top of this page to start your PIN recovery.

Example C7 serial: C7E36346346789322
Example BP serial: BP367734894455

Calculate Code

Blaupunkt Travelpilot EX Navigation

Blaupunkt Travelpilot EX Navigation

Grab your anti-theft code by providing your 12 to 14-digit serial that can be located on your radio label.

To find your serial, you have to slightly remove the radio by using radio release keys. Once partly removed you will find the serial located on the unit label. The unit label is generally located on the top or sides of the unit.

We found this YouTube tutorial particularly useful for anyone looking to get their Navigation serial.

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Ford Sony MP3

Ford Sony MP3 Radio Unit

We decode and provide the pin for any Focus Sony MP3 unit in seconds.

To get your serial, make sure the radio is on and then press and hold 1 and 6 until the display starts to cycle. Your serial will appear at some point during the cycle.

Please note, your serial may appear with a prefix, e.g., SOCX4AV908765, please ignore anything before the letter V when entering your serial. For example, for SOCX4AV908765 you would enter: V908765.

Get 4-Digit Code

Ford Focus Sony MP3

Ford Focus Sony MP3 Radio Unit

We can calculate 4-digit unlock code for the Focus Sony MP3 instantly. All you need to do is enter your unit’s serial at the top of this page.

To retrieve your M serial, use radio release keys to partly remove the unit, once partly removed you can then locate the unit’s label, which has the serial code imprinted. The serial code begins with the letter “M” and then 6 digits, for example, M654321.

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How To Enter Focus Radio Code

Got your unlock code but need instructions on how to enter it? – No problem, check out the unlock entry instructions below.

Turn your radio unit on, then wait for the word CODE to appear, if CODE doesn’t appear then press the middle/main button until it does.

  • Tap number 1 until first digit of your unlock code right.
  • Tap number 2 until second digit of your unlock code right.
  • Tap number 3 until third digit of your unlock code right.
  • Tap number 4 until fourth digit of your unlock code right.

Double check your code is correct, then tap number “5” to store your code and unlock your unit.

Setting Radio Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check out the FAQ below!

Can I get a free Ford Focus radio code?

Yes, we do offer a free option, if you’re not in a rush and want the code within 24 hours then select the free option and we will email your unlock code within 24 hours. Alternatively, for a small fee we offer instant unlocks, which are displayed on screen instantly after payment.

Is it possible to reset my Focus radio code?

No, this is not possible, but you can get the original radio code by using a decoding service such as this one, best of all we offer a free option.

What Ford Focus models do you support?

We can unlock all Focus radio’s, including: MK1, MK2, Titanium, Zetec, S, SE, SEL, C-Max, S-Max, ST, RS and more.

My Focus radio is showing “WAIT”

If your radio says “WAIT” this means you entered a wrong code, give the unit 30 seconds and you should be able to enter your code again, please be careful not to enter too many incorrect codes as it can result in a permanent lock.

My Focus radio is showing “LOCKED”

If your radio shows locked it means you have entered 10 incorrect codes, you can have 3 further code entry attempts before the unit becomes permanently locked, just hold down number 6 for 10 seconds.

Can you unlock my Ford Focus radio?

Yes, we 100% guarantee a working unlock code for your Focus radio.