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Get your 6000 CD radio code instantly from radio serial.

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Find Serial

We calculate your unlock code from your radio serial code, help finding your serial.

Generate Code

Enter your radio serial on this page to start your decode. You’ll be given a free and paid option.

Enjoy Music

Enter the provided radio unlock code into your radio unit and get back to enjoying the music once again!

6000 CD (2008-2012 Model)

6000CD Newer 2008 to 2012

Getting your 6000CD activation code has never been easier, just provide your unique radio serial code in the box on this page.

Locating your radio serial is easy, press and hold 1 and 6 at the same time and wait for the cycle process to start. You will then see the serial appear at some point in the cycle process, generally the serial will start with a V then 6 digits, for example V123456.

Please note, in some cases, a prefix may be displayed before the serial. should this happen, ignore everything before V to get your serial, for example, if your radio displayed FDMCA2CV454223 then your serial would be: V454223.

6000 CD (2004-2007 Model)

6000CD Older 2004 to 2007

Good news, we can instantly unlock all 6000 CD radios from the unit serial number. Just provide your radio serial in the box located above on this page.

Finding your serial is simple, just switch on your radio then press and hold 1 and 6 together until the cycle process starts, once the cycle process begins your serial will appear at some point, your serial will start with V followed by 6 digits, for example: V654321.

Please note, some units may display a prefix before the serial, when this happens you need to ignore everything before the letter v, for example if your unit displays: FDMCA1CV554321 then your serial would be: V554321.

6000 CD RDS E-O-N (1998-2004 Model)

6000CD RDS E-O-N 1998 to 2004

To get the activation code for this unit you’ll need to remove the unit slightly from the dashboard, you should then find the serial code on the printed label.

The serial code for the 6000CD RDS E-O-N generally starts with letter “M” then 6 numbers, for example, M123456.

You can remove the radio with radio release keys, you can buy release keys from websites such as eBay or Amazon. Alternatively, there are guides on YouTube on how to remove a unit without keys.

How To Enter Ford 6000 CD Radio Code

Entering your unlock code doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow the simple instructions below!

Make sure your radio is on and the word “Code” appears on screen, if not press the middle button until “Code” appears.

  • Repeatedly press the “1” button to set the first digit of the unlock code.
  • Repeatedly press the “2” button to set the second digit of the unlock code.
  • Repeatedly press the “3” button to set the third digit of the unlock code.
  • Repeatedly press the “4” button to set the fourth digit of the unlock code.

Check your unlock code is correct on screen then press the number “5” button.

Code Entry Example

Ford 6000 CD Code Entry Instructions Animation

Frequently Asked Questions

Shown below are some of the most common questions asked by our users!

My radio display is showing “Wait”

The wait message mean’s you entered an incorrect code, wait 30 seconds and the unit should allow you to re-enter the unlock code.

My radio display says “Locked”

If your radio display reads locked, it means you entered 10 incorrect unlock codes, but don’t panic, you can unlock it for 3 more tries before being permanently locked, to perform a reset, hold the 6 button for 10 seconds.

My radio is displaying “Locked 13”

Unfortunately, locked 13 means the unit is permanently locked, when this happens you have 2 options, visit an official dealership or buy a new radio unit.

Can i get a free code here?

Yes, we do offer free V & M unlock codes but it takes longer than our paid decoding service.

Do you just unlock 6000 CD units?

No, absolutely not! We offer unlock codes for a wide range of radio units, see the homepage for further information.

Is my unlock guaranteed to work?

Yes, we guarantee a working unlock code.